What's it really like to live at Bloom Nine Elms?

25 April 2024
By Greystar

We sat down with one of our fabulous residents Tiago, 35, for a chat about his apartment at Bloom, Nine Elms. Learn all about his experience of renting a one-bedroom apartment and discover why he loves living at Bloom.

How did you find out about Bloom?
By chance! I was walking past and saw the development whilst it was still being built. I looked on the website and I thought ‘this might be interesting’!

What was your first impression of Bloom?
I thought it was incredible. I’d already seen lots of London apartments to rent, but the thing that I loved most about Bloom was the amenities. You can’t find amenities like this anywhere else in the world. It’s just surreal.

Do you make use of the amenities often?
I use the gym pretty much every day. I use the heated, rooftop pool… even in the winter! I also love using the orangery – it’s amazing. You can just sit there, read and relax next to the plants.
I work from home sometimes and when I don’t feel like being in my apartment, or I need a change of scenery, I go downstairs to the co-working space, where you can sit with other residents and get your work done.
The pool tables on the 10th floor are also amazing, and I love making use of the demonstration kitchens.

What’s your favourite thing about your apartment?
The thing that I love most is actually the ovens – all the appliances are Smeg and I love to cook! I also like the ability to control everything via my phone. You can control the heating, air con, even the doors through your phone. That’s very, very handy.
My favourite room in my home is the lounge. I’ve taken a lot of time and effort to make the space my own. I’ve been collecting furniture for a few years now, and I’ve collected a few really special pieces over time. I wanted it to be a space that my friends felt welcomed in; a place we can all sit around, chat and have a good time.

Why did you move from your previous apartment?
When I thought about moving out of my previous apartment, I wanted somewhere where I knew I wasn’t going to have any issues. I’m someone that pays a lot of attention to detail, and I could tell, Greystar know what they’re doing!

What do you think about the local area?
Nine Elms is an incredible location to be in. You’ve got two tube stations nearby giving you easy access to the Northern Line, and not only that, you’re also very well connected if you want to walk anywhere. You can actually walk to Buckingham Palace in 30 minutes, if you wanted to!
I absolutely love that the flower market is right next door too.

Do you see yourself living a Bloom for a while?
I’m planning to stay here for a while. I’m actually considering getting a two-bed with my partner.

Would you recommend Bloom to a friend?
I would recommend to all my friends; I’m just waiting for them to move!

To find out more about renting at Bloom, get in touch with our team today on 02039875559 or via email at info@bloom-nineelms.co.uk.